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Welcome from SpanishModa!

We feel a good idea becomes a truly excellent one when you couple it with experienced and talented professionals behind it. Srl
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Our staff is able to combine outstanding Internet experience in WEB marketing and Electronic Commerce with remarkable textile/fashion expertise.

People matching their reciprocal knowledge in a perfect combination. People deeply-rooted in one of the world's largest textile and fashion districts.

People having the vision of a world where suppliers and buyers may meet quickly, inexpensively, and efficiently, while obtaining whatever they need, thanks to the professional support of real experts: the staff.

Our entire staff has been carefully selected from the very best of the fashion, textile and Internet worlds. We get only the best, in order to bring you the best.

You can take advantage of all of the great skills SpanishModa and the ItalianModa Staff brings to the table: the experience, expertise, creativity, marketing skills, outstanding industry links, and ability to interpret accurately, now! has been developed by the Italian company Srl, a company which combines the best of both extensive fashion and textile experience, together with solid Internet marketing skills and E-Business as it applies to the fashion and textile industry.

Its headquarters are located in Como, Italy, one of the largest Textile districts in the world, and it has associates in Romania, Bulgaria, and the United States.

The company is fully committed to the development and maintanance of the ItalianModa Network of vertical B2B Marketplaces, including advanced E-Business technology for the Textile and Fashion industry (including the "Business Store", an oustanding B2B Electronic Catalog platform and "WEB COLORING", a breakthrough solution for online real-time coloring of fabrics, designs, and apparel models). is the international leader in developing and deploying vertical B2B Marketplaces for the Textile and Fashion industry, with clear examples like SELL2ITALY, ROMTEXTILES (Romania), BGTEXTILES (Bulgaria), HUNGAROTEX (Hungary) , USSTYLE (United States)and SPANISHMODA (Spain). If you are interested in knowing how to affiliate to the ItalianModa Network of vertical B2B Marketplaces, getting and managing a cutting-edge B2B Marketplace for your country (in partnership with ItalianModa), please send us a message now!

SpanishModa is developing strategic partnerships with qualified fashion portals and marketplaces in other countries to create a global network of highly focused trading exchanges which allow any company to find the best suppliers for any product in any market. Click here for more info.

SpanishModa is always looking for talented professionals able to share our vision for content, marketing and sales. Click here for more info.


A Word from the SpanishModa Founder

Maurizio Verga, Founder

Welcome to the SpanishModa Marketplace, a whole new concept of doing business with the Spanish fashion and textile industry through the extraordinary phenomenon we now know as the "Internet".

While receiving my formal education in weaving and textiles in Como (on Lake Como, in northern Italy, one of most important textile districts in the world), I imagined a time when computers would enable people to accomplish far more creatively, and with greater efficiency. It was 1982, and Internet was yet to come.

I always had glimpses of a vision: a way to connect fashion and textile professionals, empowering them to work together, doing successful business quickly, with no geographical barriers, while creating reciprocal profitability. Then the vision became clear, and it was born.

I gave it a name: ItalianModa. A wondrous place where small retailers, along with large corporations, have equal opportunities to do highly profitable business with Italian suppliers of fashion and textile merchandise. A one-stop marketplace, so to speak, where a company can instantly find products and suppliers, establish commercial accounts, place orders, get surplus products at liquidation prices and much more ..... all FREE!

I have invested the past seventeen years of my life developing advanced computer technology related to textile and fashion companies. The main focus being textile CAD, to archiving systems, from WEB sites to E-Commerce solutions, and from WEB marketing stategies to even increasingly more advanced WEB solutions. Now, you can take advantage of these amazing technologies.

You can experience, first-hand, the reality of this vision with me. It's simple. Join the SpanishModa Marketplace today, and enjoy the easiest, most profitable way to do business!

On behalf of the entire staff of SpanishModa and myself, we wish you much success in all your business endeavors, and hope SpanishModa can help make your dreams become a reality, as I have seen mine.

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