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SpanishModa strongly believes in cultivating strong strategic collaborations with partners who are conducive to a real synergy scheme. We remain unswervingly focused on our vision as we aggressively pursue our mission: helping Spanish companies do successful business with customers and suppliers. That's why we welcome companies sharing our same business-oriented vision of the Internet while at the same time offering complementary services that are able to deliver real benefits to our mutual customers.

If you represent a business-to-business marketplace devoted to the fashion or textile industry, or are an Internet company, SpanishModa can be your next strategic ally!

SpanishModa offers you a fast-growing vertical business marketplace network that is consistently attracting more and more professional users from around the world. These professionals are eagerly taking advantage of the services that enable them to leverage the power of the Internet, while creating the ability to find the best products and buying conditions for building a successful business! If you want to take the challenge with us, get in touch with us now!


Portals that group different types of industries on an international or national basis (including textile, clothing and furniture) may establish a special channel with SpanishModa.

Their customers and visitors will have a chance to find new suppliers for "Made in the Spain" fashion or textile merchandise, as well as, to offer their own special or general-purpose products or services just by sending a single E-mail message.

This is a great new service available at your portal to attract more visitors with real business opportunities in a vertical market.

Global or individual country-based fashion or textile marketplaces can set up a special reciprocal channel through SpanishModa with four main mutual benefits:

  • An exchange of highly valuable professional traffic
  • Visitors and users will be able to have direct access to an unprecedented directory of "Made in Spain" fashion and textile suppliers
  • Visitors and users will have a broad range of "Power Buying Services" creating an atmosphere conducive to the best buying conditions: bargain prices of high quality merchandise in precisely the quantities needed
  • An avenue of opportunity to offer their fashion or textile products/ services to the companies belonging to SpanishModa.

An oustanding business tool in the hands of both the users of SpanishModa and your marketplace!


Internet companies having a specialized new technology may have it implemented into the SpanishModa marketplace if it is proved to be effective for helping or improving the business of our visitors and users.

We have already adopted a vast array of powerful business tools, but are constantly evaluating them in order to implement only the best for the market, and therefore signing agreements with companies dealing with cutting-edge Internet technology in order to create the best environment conducive to simple yet highly effective business transactions for our users.

The users of a marketplace, such as SpanishModa, need increasingly more advanced financial and logistic services to support their new and highly-competitive business-to-business market.

Companies involved in financing, insurance, company appraisal, shipping, escrow and quality inspections are only some of those which could potentially benefit by entering into an agreement with SpanishModa. All of the involved parties can be real winners in a business scenario with SpanishModa.

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