Spanish textiles and fashions. SPAIN clothing, fabrics, footwear Spanish Manufacturers and Suppliers of Textiles and Clothing, made in Spain
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SpanishModa offers a broad range of buying services allowing any Textile or Fashion professional to place a business order to select Spanish Suppliers 24 hours a day, simply by having a computer and Internet connection available. It's that easy!

You will have direct access to:

Business Stores where you can browse a company's Electronic Catalog, request samples, and place orders.

Surplus Auctions of liquidation and inventory Textile and Fashion merchandise. Get great products at bargain prices!

Buying Groups to pool with other buyers to purchase a piece of a large lot of merchandise at otherwise exorbitant prices!

Request for Quotation to make any reasonable offer for buying a "lot" of anything related to Fashion or Textiles. Let Spanish suppliers accept it or even bid lower!

Consumer Shops: even though SpanishModa is a B2B Marketplace, consumers may find here some directions to online shops selling direct to private consumers.

Spanish Textile Apparel Manufacturers and Wholesale Suppliers

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